AIR SHOCK CENTRE can be found at Unit 9 Sable Industrial Park, 12 Pomona Road, Pomona, Kempton Park, 1619.

We are able supply to customers across South Africa as courier services are prompt, professional and affordable!

Most of our air suspension products are on exchange, if you are unable to send us your vehicle, simply send us your air shocks via courier!

We will also gladly appoint a courier on your behalf.

Our preferred courier service provider is “The Courier Guy” or “Xpress Online Couriers”.

To book a courier now, open the link below, get an immediate online quote, accept and pay!
It’s that simple!

The most common parcel weight and size to use is:

Height 20cm x Length x 90cm x Width 20cm and Weight 12kg

As we remanufacture, it is crucial that the electrical components and other critical parts on the trade in struts are fully functional and not damaged. Protective packaging of exchange units  therefore becomes extremely important.