Factory Fitted Air Suspension – Fact vs Fiction

During a chat with a customer this week, it dawned on me that owners of vehicles with air suspension are kept in the dark about functionality and benefits! Manufacturers and their repair agents, more often than not, are guilty of guiding their customers poorly.

Let’s take a vehicle or SUV with air suspension of all four corners like the Mercedes-Benz ML or GL 164 platform. All four corners are suspended on air cushions or pillows, albeit with three times more pressure than the tyres. This cushion needs to be stabilized and the manufacturers have chosen adjustable shock absorbers or struts to control the weight transfer during braking and the firmness during towing, cornering and higher speed travelling. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the damping of the strut or shock absorber is more crucial to an air suspended vehicle than its coil spring mounted counterpart!

Before investing in maintenance and repairs of air suspension vehicles, be sure to have the vehicle properly assessed so as to save unnecessary expenses, frustration and to ensure maximum guarantees on parts and fitment.

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