What does the air suspension warning light mean?
The vehicle’s computer will turn on the air suspension warning light if it detects any abnormal activity. Typically, this will occur if the air suspension compressor isn’t providing as much air as it should or if there is a leak in the one of the air bellows. A leak in one of the air bellows will cause the ride height to be lower, which is detected by the computer using the height or level sensor.
It is very important to always have the height or level sensors checked out before replacing an air bellow or air shock as these can malfunction and give a false reading causing the warning light to illuminate.

What happens when the air suspension warning light is on?
When this light comes on, the computer will save a code to identify any issues that it has detected. Without diagnostic equipment to read the fault codes, it could be very difficult to identify what is causing the issue so it’s always best to have the car assessed for fault codes. You can remove wheels and inspect the bags for any excessive cracking or leaks, but you should still have the assessment done in case there are multiple codes stored.

Is it safe to drive when the air suspension warning light is on?
Depending on the severity of the issue, it may not be safe to drive your vehicle when this light comes on. If you have one air bellow that is leaking slowly, the air suspension compressor will work a little harder to try and keep the car at the correct ride height. In this case, the car won’t handle quite as well, so only drive the vehicle if completely necessary. Take extra care on bumps and rough roads as the suspension won’t be able to absorb the impacts as well.
Now, let’s say the air suspension compressor doesn’t work and all the air bellows are completely deflated.
In this situation, the car should NOT be driven at all. Not only will the car have terrible handling, without the suspension to absorb any knocks, but the impacts will be transferred to the body of the car which is not designed for this sort of thing.
If your air suspension light is on, please do not hesitate to contact our offices and make a booking so that our experienced technicians can accurately diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing.

One of my air shocks have collapsed, can I drive the vehicle this way?
It is never advised to drive any vehicle once failure has occurred! Please contact a reputable tow service for assistance.

Which side of my vehicle is the right and which side is the left?
The right and left sides of an automobile are determined as if sitting in the vehicle facing forward. Thus, the left side is on the left when sitting in the car facing forward, and the right side is on the right.

What will happen if I do not replace a leaking or damaged air shock?
This will be detrimental to the lifespan of the air suspension compressor, as it will work exceptionally hard trying to recover the lost air from the damaged shock and or air bellow!

I see that air shocks are very expensive; can I replace my air shocks with conventional shocks?
It is never advisable to replace air shocks with conventional shocks. The respective vehicle manufacturers have chosen to design these vehicles with air suspension with very specific purposes in mind. Therefore, modifications are never advisable and it is also a very expensive alternative.
It is also important to consider that the ride quality of the vehicle is severely compromised. Another important factor when considering changing from air shocks to conventional shocks, is to understand that the vehicle’s electronics will be compromised, which we also advise strongly against.

What about discounts?
At Air Shock Centre, we offer an incentive for all our trade customers.  With this incentive, every tenth shock is absolutely FREE!  Air Shock Centre will still carry the full twelve-month warranty. Contact us today to become one of our trade clients!

I see you work on an exchange basis, how does that work?
At Air Shock Centre, we offer most of our air suspension components on a service exchange ONLY basis.  We need your exchange unit in our workshop to quality check the unit and make sure that we can remanufacture the unit.  We have most units in stock at all times, therefore, this process should not take longer than ten minutes. Should we not be able to use the trade in unit, an appropriate core deposit will be charged.

As we remanufacture, it is crucial that the electrical components and other critical parts on the trade in struts are fully functional and not damaged. Protective packaging of exchange units (should you be making use of a courier service) therefore becomes extremely important.

How long do air shocks generally last?
The air associated components are working even whilst the vehicle is standing and therefore have a lifespan of around seven years, even though the shock absorber should comfortably outlast it.

Do I have to replace all my air shocks at the same time?
Fortunately, this is not always necessary; we advise a comprehensive assessment to determine which replacements are required. Often if a front shock fails it is strongly recommended to replace the front pair as the opposite side will usually start leaking soon after.

 Can you service my air suspension system?
Servicing is very often not possible as most air suspension components are sealed units. We strongly advise an assessment to avoid any nasty surprises, particularly before long journeys.

I am only looking for an air suspension compressor pump, can I do the exchange only?
Unfortunately, not. We only supply air suspension compressor pumps when the pump is fitted in our workshop.

Is air suspension reliable?
Air suspension is generally fitted to high end SUV’s and luxury sedans, manufactured by the best vehicle manufacturers worldwide. We can therefore say with confidence that air suspension is very reliable and safe, providing motorists with many features not available on spring mounted vehicles.

Why do air suspension compressors fail?
Most air suspension compressors fail due to leaks that have developed in the system, often workshops fail to detect these leaks and therefore compromise the lifespan of the replacement compressor. At Air Shock Centre, we prefer to assess the vehicle in question and perform all the necessary repairs in order to offer our unique twelve-month warranty on all fitted components. Unfortunately, no warranty can be offered on compressors not fitted by Air Shock Centre.

I am looking for an aftermarket air suspension kit, is Air Shock Centre able to supply me with this?
Unfortunately, not. We only supply air suspension components for the standard, factory fitted air suspension vehicles.